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5000+ Puffs Disposables

Discover our 5000+ Puffs Disposable Vapes Collection at Mega Vape USA for a long-lasting vaping experience. Enjoy extended, flavorful puffs from top brands designed for endurance. Perfect for both new and experienced vapers, our wholesale options offer excellent value for retailers. Shop wholesale now for unbeatable prices and fast shipping. Elevate your vaping with our premium 5000+ puffs disposables!

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Save $13.00Bling Diamond 6500 Disposable Vape: 5% Nic, 6500 Puffs, Rechargeable, 17 Flavors. Ideal for retailers, offers smooth vaping & long-lasting enjoyment.
Sale price$13.00 Regular price$26.00
RAZ Vape TN9000 Disposable (5 Pack )RAZ Vape TN9000 Disposable (5 Pack )
Sale price$45.00
Minx Disposable 5000p 10-Pack by Mellow Fellow with 10mL capacity, 650mAh battery, 50mg nicotine, and fruit punch flavor for a lasting vape experience.
Sale price$31.50
Sale price$70.00
Sale price$76.00
MoTi Play Bar 7500 Disposable Vape 5-Pack in California Cherry, 50MG nicotine. Features 14mL e-liquid, 700mAh battery, 7500 puffs, and adjustable airflow.
Sale price$31.00
Save $30.00Fume Recharge - Box of 10 (5000 puffs)Fume Recharge - Box of 10 (5000 puffs)
Sale price$70.00 Regular price$100.00
Save $10.00Pillow Talk 8500 Puffs 10-Pack by Texas Central Distribution: 50MG nicotine, 13ml e-liquid, disposable, with flavors like Blue Razz Ice.
Sale price$68.00 Regular price$78.00
Bling ETERNITY 8500 5-Pack: Pre-filled vape pods with 5% salt nicotine, rechargeable, 8500 puffs, 16ml e-juice in 17 flavors. Ideal for on-the-go vaping.
Sale price$19.00
MYLÉ META BOX 5000 Puffs by Blitz Distro: Compact, sleek 10-pack disposable vapes with mesh coil, 12ml tank, rechargeable. Flavor: Black Ice, 50MG.
Sale price$71.00
Sale price$47.50
Kangvape Onee Stick 5500 Disposable Vape 10-Pack: 5500 puffs, 18.5mL, 5% nicotine, long battery life, mesh heating, USB-C.
Sale price$53.13
Air Bar Nex Disposable Vape 6500 Puffs ( 10 Pack )Air Bar Nex Disposable Vape 6500 Puffs ( 10 Pack )
Sale price$80.00
Juicy Bar 7500 Puffs Disposable Vape ( 10 Pack )Juicy Bar 7500 Puffs Disposable Vape ( 10 Pack )
Sale price$94.00
Juicy Bar 5000 Puffs Disposable Vape ( 10 Pack )Juicy Bar 5000 Puffs Disposable Vape ( 10 Pack )
Sale price$78.00
Gumi Disposable Vape 8000 PuffsGumi Disposable Vape 8000 Puffs
Sale priceFrom $40.00
5-pack Fume Viral 9000 vape by Blitz Distro LLC, featuring 50MG nicotine with Apple Skittles flavor.
Sale price$32.50
Save $10.00Explore NORTH 5000 Puffs 10-Pack by Texas Central Distribution: 50MG nicotine, 10ml e-liquid, 5000 puffs/device, in Blue Raspberry & more flavors.
Sale price$70.00 Regular price$80.00
Marz Barz 7000 Puff 5-Pack by Divine Distro: Hassle-free vaping with 14mL e-juice, 500mAh battery, 50mg nic salt in Peachy Ice flavor. Long-lasting & flavorful.
Sale price$31.50
Ace Vape Bar AB6000 10-Pack with 5% Nicotine, 650mAh battery, screen display, 17ml for 7000 puffs, Type-C rechargeable. Try Blue Razz Ice 50MG from Divine Distro.
Sale price$50.00
Ace Vape Bar IP7000 5-Pack by Divine Distro, featuring 7000 puffs, 5% nicotine, and Alphonso Mango flavor. Type-C rechargeable with screen display.
Sale price$25.00
Ace Vape Bar AB8000 5-Pack by Divine Distro, featuring 5% Nic, 8000 puffs, Type-C rechargeable, in Blue Razz Ice flavor.
Sale price$25.00
OXBAR X ALPHAA WAVE G8000 Candy Edition: 8000 puffs, 5% nicotine, 16mL juice, 650mAh battery, Type-C charging. Ideal for all vapers.
OXBAR G8000 Night Fall Edition Disposable Vape, 5% Nicotine, 8000 Puffs, 5-Pack with 6 Flavors, 650mAh, Type-C, at Adyah Wholesale.
OXBAR G8000 Night Fall Edition 5-pack with 8000 puffs, 5% nicotine by Adyah Wholesale. Features 16mL e-liquid, 650mAh battery, and Type-C charging.
OXBAR X ALPHAA WAVE G8000: 5-pack disposable vape with 16mL e-liquid, 5% nicotine, 650mAh battery, and USB-C charging. Cool Mint flavor.
INSTA BAR 5000P 6-Pack Disposable Vape with 12ml E-Liquid, 5% Nicotine, USB-C, in Aloe Grape by Mellow Fellow. Experience superior vaping.
Sale price$50.00
5-pack NICE Disposable Vape 9000p in Tropical Fruit flavor by Mellow Fellow, featuring 14ML, 5% nicotine, rechargeable, and 9000 puffs.
Sale price$47.00
Lost Vape Orion Bar Disposable Vape, 7500 puffs, 5% nicotine, 18ml e-liquid, adjustable airflow, rechargeable, in Blueberry Pie flavor by Mellow Fellow - 10 Pack.
Sale price$65.00
Virgin Mary VG8000 5-pack vape with 8000 puffs, 20ml e-liquid, 50mg nicotine, and adjustable airflow. Features mesh coil & rechargeable port.
VAPENGIN Pluto 7500 Disposable Vape 5-Pack: 17ML, 5% Nic Salt, 7500 Puffs, Mesh Coil, Type-C Charge, BlackCurrant Grape by Kangvape.
Sale price$30.00
Kangvape TC8000 5-Pack Disposable Vape with 20mL eJuice, 5% Nicotine, 8000 Puffs, Rechargeable Battery, and Mesh Coil in Rainbow Paradise flavor.
Sale price$36.00
Sale price$53.00
EB BC5000 Disposable (10 Pack)EB BC5000 Disposable (10 Pack)
Sale price$77.50
Sold outGeek Bar Meloso MAX 9000 5-Pack: Soft, mellow vaping with dual mesh coil, 9000 puffs, 5% nicotine, draw-activated, Type-C charging. Apple Sunrise flavor.
Sale price$43.75
Sold outEB Design TE6000 4% 6000 Puffs (5 Pack)EB Design TE6000 4% 6000 Puffs (5 Pack)
Sale price$23.50
Sold outFunky Lands Ti7000 Disposable (5 Pack)
Sale price$42.00
Sold outFlum Pebble 6000 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable Vape - 14ML (10 Packs)Flum Pebble 6000 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable Vape - 14ML (10 Packs)
Lost Mary MO5000 5-Pack: Rechargeable, 13.5mL capacity, 5000 puffs, 500mAh USB-C, mesh coil for rich flavor, stylish grip design. Berry Rose Duo Ice, 50MG.
Sale price$42.00
Lost Mary OS5000 10-Pack in Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate, a rechargeable vape with 5000 puffs, 13mL juice, and USB-C charging.
Sale price$84.50
Pyne Pod 8500 Disposable Vape (5 Pack)Pyne Pod 8500 Disposable Vape (5 Pack)
Sale price$40.50
Bling EA 8500 10-Pack: Rechargeable, 8500 puffs, 5% nicotine, 16ml E-juice in 10 flavors for a long-lasting, flavorful vape experience.
Sale price$56.50