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Hemp Disposables

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Compact THC3000 disposable vape with a mix of Delta 8, THCP, and THCX, showcasing the ergonomic mouthpiece and large viewing window.Close-up of THC3000 disposable vape, highlighting its sleek, pocket-friendly design suitable for on-the-go use.
Sale price$60.00
Cereal Labs Baked Blend Disposable Vape 3G (5 Pack)Cereal Labs Baked Blend Disposable Vape 3G (5 Pack)
Sale price$90.00
DOZO 5G Liquid Diamond Disposable (5 Pack)DOZO 5G Liquid Diamond Disposable (5 Pack)
Sale price$129.00
Modus Presidential Blend Disposable (5 Pack)Modus Presidential Blend Disposable (5 Pack)
Sale price$85.00
DOZO 5G Diamond Sauce Disposable (5 Pack)DOZO 5G Diamond Sauce Disposable (5 Pack)
Sale price$129.00
VVS Blend Disposable (5 Pack)VVS Blend Disposable (5 Pack)
Sale priceFrom $66.25
Modus Presidential Blend Cartridge (5 Pack)Modus Presidential Blend Cartridge (5 Pack)
Sale price$54.50
Knock Out HXC Blend 3.0 Disposables (5 Pack)Knock Out HXC Blend 3.0 Disposables (5 Pack)
Sale price$71.25
Modus Iced out blend Disposable (5 Pack)Modus Iced out blend Disposable (5 Pack)
Sale price$55.00
Knock Out HXC Blend 2.0 Cartridge (5 Pack)Knock Out HXC Blend 2.0 Cartridge (5 Pack)
Sale price$55.00
ELFTHC 5000 - (5 Pack)ELFTHC 5000 - (5 Pack)
Sale price$135.00
DOZO 5G Trippy Diamond Disposable (5 Pack)DOZO 5G Trippy Diamond Disposable (5 Pack)
Sale price$138.00