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Fume Disposables

Delve into the superior quality and convenience offered by Fume disposable vapes available at Mega Vape USA. Our curated selection showcases a variety of top-selling flavors, ensuring a satisfying experience for all vaping enthusiasts.

We specialize in providing exceptional bulk and wholesale pricing, making it more economical for you to stock up on popular Fume disposables. Discover the ease and enjoyment of vaping with Fume’s premium disposables, designed for reliability and optimal satisfaction.

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Fume Eternity 20k Puff (5 Pack)Fume Eternity 20k Puff (5 Pack)
Sale price$47.00
Fume Extra - Box of 10 - Double AppleFume Extra - Box of 10 - Fresh Lychee / Lychee Ice
Sale price$55.00
Fume Infinity - Box of 5 (3500 puff)Fume Extra - Box of 10 - Banana Ice
Sale price$45.00
Fume Extra - Box of 10 - Black IceFume Mini - Box of 10 (700 puff)
Sale price$25.00
Save $30.00Fume Recharge - Box of 10 (5000 puffs)Fume Recharge - Box of 10 (5000 puffs)
Sale price$70.00 Regular price$100.00
Fume Extra - Box of 10 - Lush IceFume Extra - Box of 10 - Blue Razz
Sale price$65.00
Nicky Jam X - Fume Vapors 10000 (Pack of 10)Nicky Jam X - Fume Vapors 10000 (Pack of 10)
Sale price$90.00
Fume Viral 9000Fume Viral 9000
Sale price$32.50