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Nicky Jam X - Fume Vapors 10000 (Pack of 10)

Nicky Jam X - Fume Vapors 10000 (Pack of 10)

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Our new collection “Nicky Jam X Fume Vapors” is powered by a 650mAh rechargeable battery, at the heart of this extraordinary device lies our proprietary QRJOY Mesh Coil technology, meticulously designed to deliver 10000 puffs of consistent flavor and maximum cloud production.

19 ML e-liquid capacity, and a LED display to monitor levels of e-liquids and battery for the perfect balance for longevity and performance.

A Symphony of Flavors, 18 meticulously crafted e-liquid, a collaborative masterpiece.

Introducing our NEW Pure Nicotine Experience. Our first flavorless nicotine vape, designed for those who seek the pure nicotine hit without distractions.


30 Boxes Per Case

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