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Road Trip Mushroom Gummies

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Embark on a captivating journey under the celestial wonders with "Desert Stardust," our exclusive Mushroom extract strain. Inspired by the awe-inspiring experiences of those who immerse themselves in the universe's grandeur, our product encapsulates the magic of starlit desert nights.

Starting Dose: 1/2 Gummy : This initial dose is sub-perceptual, meaning you won't encounter strong psychedelic effects. Instead, you may notice subtle changes in mood, creativity, and focus. It's an excellent choice for enhancing clarity and uplifting your mood gently without the intensity of a full trip.

Low Dose: 1-2 Gummies : Taking 1-2 gummies provides a gentle body high and giddiness. Expect heightened senses, increased creativity, and a subtle shift in consciousness, offering a taste of psychedelia without being overwhelming.

Moderate: 3 - 4  Gummies : Indulge in delightful sensory experiences and profound joy. This dose amplifies effects experienced with a lower dose, promising heightened visuals, deeper introspection, and an enriched connection with your surroundings.

High Dose: 5 -6 Gummies : Prepare for an immersive psychedelic journey with our high-dose mushroom gummies. You're about to delve into an intense exploration of altered perception. Brace yourself for vivid visuals, a profound sense of interconnectedness, and a deep dive into your thoughts and emotions. It's an experience that promises to transport you to new realms of consciousness.

Buckle Up: 7 - 8 Gummies : Brace yourself for an inner awakening experience. Anticipate intense visuals, altered perceptions of time and reality, and profound introspection. This dosage is tailored for seasoned users seeking a transformative journey into the depths of consciousness.

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Explore celestial wonders with Erth Wellness's Road Trip Mushroom Gummies in Blue Raspberry. A journey of mood, creativity, and consciousness.
Road Trip Mushroom Gummies Sale price$170.00