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DOZO 2.5G Mushroom Disposable (5 Pack)

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Mushy Marshmallow Hybrid $100.00 $0.00
Toadstool Drivethru Indica $100.00 $0.00
Shroom Dongers Hybrid $100.00 $0.00
Cosmic Donut Sativa $100.00 $0.00
Galaxy Drifter Hybrid $100.00 $0.00
Hubble Bubble Hybrid $100.00 $0.00
Space Junkie Indica $100.00 $0.00

Dozo Mushroom Extract + THC-A Disposable - 2.5g

Unwind and embrace a state of blissful relaxation like no other with the Don’t Trip Dozo Mushroom Extract + THC-A Disposable. With each disposable containing a powerful blend of THC-A hemp infused with mushroom extract, these vapes are a game-changer. Prepare to be transported to tranquility and serenity, where stress and worries melt away. Here are some related products please check: Don’t Trip Mushroom Gummies, DOZO DONT TRIP 3500mg, and DOZO DONT TRIP MUSHROOM DISPOSABLE WITH THC-A

Each disposable is expertly crafted to deliver a consistent and enjoyable experience every time. Designed conveniently, each Dozo Mushroom Extract + THCA disposable contains 2.5 grams, which is sleek and portable. Slip it into your pocket or bag; this disposable is the perfect companion. Embrace the power of nature and unlock a new level of chill. Dozo currently offers 6 strain-specific flavors; find your serenity now!

Dozo Mushroom Extract + THC-A Disposable
Toadstool Drive-Thru (Indica)-?This strain offers users a tangy, fruity flavor and aroma with hints of cherry and pomegranate.
Mushy Marshmallow (Hybrid)-?This strain is exactly what users expect? A creamy, fluffy marshmallow flavor.
Smurfs Dream (Sativa)-?Smurfs Dreams hits users with a sweet blue raspberry candy flavor followed by hits of citrus and undertones of earth and wildflowers.
Pineapple Envy (Sativa)-?Hints of citrus and pineapple with a smooth, earthy pine undertone.
Shroom Dongers (Hybrid)-?Its aroma is sweet, spicy, and earthy, with slight floral funkiness.
Shroomhead Kush (Indica)-?Users can expect flavors consisting of fruity pebbles and glazed donuts.

Additional Product Information
2.5g Pre-Heat Function
2500mg Disposable Vape
Strain Specific Terpenes
Incredible Strain Options
3rd Party Lab Tested
2018 Farm Bill Compliant
The following states prohibit shipping hemp and hemp-derived products: Canada, Puerto Rico, AK, HI, SD, ID, and NE.

*This product is made in accordance with: Agricultural Act HR 2642; PUB. L. 113-79

**the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated this statement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

***Must be 21 or older to order and receive this product. By placing an order for one of these items, you declare that you are 21 years of age or over.

Note: All specifications and descriptions are based on information provided by the manufacturer or mentioned on the Display Box.

*THCA Disclaimer: This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont

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DOZO 2.5G Mushroom Disposable (5 Pack)
DOZO 2.5G Mushroom Disposable (5 Pack) Sale price$100.00