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MODUS 1:1 CBD-Delta 9 Gummies, 400mg, 5 Pack - Tropical Assorted Flavors. Lab-tested for purity. Click for COAs. Ideal for balanced wellness.
Sale price$45.00
MODUS Iced Out Blend Disposable 5 Pack: 2G THC-A, THC-JD, Delta 8, THC-P Liquid Diamonds. Click for COAs. Sleek white design.
Sale price$55.00
Mellow Fellow Live Resin Duo: 4ML Introvert & Creativity cartridges, featuring King Louis & Blue Dream strains for enhanced experiences.
Sale price$99.00
Mellow Fellow Live Resin Duo: 4ML Desire & Clarity cartridges, featuring Cali Gas & Forbidden Fruit blends, rich in HHC, Delta 8, CBD, and more.
Sale price$99.00
Mellow Fellow Live Resin Duo: 4ML cartridges in Charged (Pineapple Express) & Dream (MK Ultra) with a blend of cannabinoids for a unique experience.
Sale price$99.00
Sale price$57.50
DOZO 5G Trippy Diamond Disposable Vape with Mushroom Extract & THC for a cosmic journey. Indica strain, rechargeable, lab-tested. Explore flavors.
Sale price$118.00