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Assorted ELF THC Delta 8 + THCP Gummies displayed in a row, showcasing diverse flavors like Rainbow Sours and Gummy Worms.
Sale price$5.00
Sale price$100.00
MODUS Presidential Blend Gummies 5-Pack, featuring THC-A, Delta 8, and THC-V, perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. Baja Blast flavor. COAs available.
Sale price$66.30
MODUS 1:1 CBD-Delta 9 Gummies, 400mg, 5 Pack - Tropical Assorted Flavors. Lab-tested for purity. Click for COAs. Ideal for balanced wellness.
Sale price$45.00
Half Bak’d Sumo THCA - Delta 8 - THCP GummiesHalf Bak’d Sumo THCA - Delta 8 - THCP Gummies
Sale priceFrom $60.00
Half Bak’d Cosmic Mushroom - Delta 9 ConesHalf Bak’d Cosmic Mushroom - Delta 9 Cones
Sale price$75.00
Sale price$57.50