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Geek Bar Digiflavor Lush 20K Disposable (5 Pack )

Geek Bar Digiflavor Lush 20K Disposable (5 Pack )

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Geek Bar Lush Disposable Kit is a smart disposable vape powered by a powerful 820mAh rechargeable battery and provides two vaping modes (Regular and Dynamic Mode) with different puff counts. As a co-branded product of Geek Bar and Digiflavor, Geek Bar Lush 20K comes with a mega screen that displays battery life, e-juice level, and vaping mode. It supports two vaping modes with dual mesh coils and dual heating cores. In Regular Mode, you can enjoy up to 20000 puffs in total. And you can enjoy about 10000 puffs in the Dynamic Mode. Thanks to the 6S flavor guardian, each puff is fresh and delicious.

Revolutionary 6s Flavor Guardian: Designed to safeguard users’ health, to prevent prolonged inhalation. Promoting a healthier vaping experience.

How it works? 

If you inhale continuously for 6 seconds, it activates a screen notification. This is the 6s Flavor Guardian doing its job to make sure you don't inhale for too long. The primary goal is to prevent over-inhalation of vapor, especially for extended periods.

Fresh Flavors, Durable Aroma

With a focus on "Fresh Flavors, Durable Aroma," this device ensures that every inhale has a vibrant and long-lasting taste.

The dual core heating mechanism plays a crucial role - it meticulously extracts and preserves the essence of each flavor. The Lush 20K disposable vape device ensures that every inhale is a burst of vibrant and long-lasting taste.

Boxes Per Case

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Flavors QuantityTotal
Banana Coconut $0.00
Berry Bomb: Strawberry Raspberry and Blackberry $0.00
Blue Razz Ice $0.00
Blueberry Fab $0.00
Cool Mint $0.00
Green Desert: Fresh Herbaceous Taste $0.00
Melon Twist: Watermelon Honeydew and Cantaloupe $0.00
Miami Mint $0.00
Raspberry Zing $0.00
Sour Apple Jolly Rancher $0.00
Strawberry Fab $0.00
Strawberry Ice $0.00
Triple Berry Ice $0.00
Watermelon Ice $0.00
White Fusion: Subtle not overtly sweet $0.00
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