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High Achiever 120ml Mixer (12 Pack)

Sale price$180.00


420 High Achiever Mixer is “A perfect
segway in the alternate high.” As a
natural progression of hemp infused
drinks in the mixology space it serves
the growing popularity of non-alcoholic

420 High Achiever mixer is
our proprietary nano emulsified
water-soluble concentrate of hemp
infused extract designed to be mixed
with a drink of your choice.

For example: water, soda, coffee, Bloody
Mary mix, etc.

Since dosage tolerance varies from
person to person, our tasteless solution
is available in 1:1 ratio which makes it
easy to mix the dose of your choice.
Derivative Manufacturing’s proprietary
pharmaceutical grade nano technology
allows for optimal absorption and a
clean high.

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High Achiever 120ml Mixer (12 Pack)
High Achiever 120ml Mixer (12 Pack) Sale price$180.00