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LyvWel Caffeine Oral Pouches

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10 Pack Red Gummy Bear 56MG $5.75 $0.00
10 Pack Blueberry Ice 56MG $5.75 $0.00
10 Pack Spearmint 56MG $5.75 $0.00
10 Pack Pinneapple Crush 56MG $5.75 $0.00
10 Pack Pink Lemonade 56MG $5.75 $0.00
10 Pack Peach Sweet Tea 56MG $5.75 $0.00
10 Pack Cherry Blast 56MG $5.75 $0.00
10 Pack Mango Crush 56MG $5.75 $0.00

Energize your day with a burst of exotic flavor and caffeine! Discover the invigorating Mango Crush Energy Pouches, your perfect companion for a delicious and effective energy boost. Infused with the tropical taste of ripe mangoes, these pouches offer a delightful and convenient way to enhance your focus and energy.

  • 56MG Per Oral pouch.
  • 16 Premium Dry pouches per Jar.
  •  Nootropic • Sugar-Free (Sweetened by Xylitol and Sucralose).
  •  Works in 5 minutes, fantastic pre-workout.
  • No Tobacco or Nicotine – Top Alternative .

Usage Instructions:

Moisten 1-2 LyvWel pouches with your saliva. Place them under your gum and cheek. Relish the flavor and experience the sustained energy boost.

Energy pillows, Upper deckys, Caffeine Pouch.

Mango Crush Caffeine Pouches by LyvWel: Sugar-Free, Nicotine-Free, 56MG caffeine for quick energy boost, 16 pouches/jar. Perfect pre-workout.
LyvWel Caffeine Oral Pouches Sale price$5.75