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Mellow Fellow Delta 8 Cartridge

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6 Pack Blueberry OG 1ml $34.00 $0.00
6 Pack Pineapple Express 1ml $34.00 $0.00
6 Pack Purple Punch 1ml $34.00 $0.00
6 Pack Sour Diesel 1ml $34.00 $0.00
6 Pack Strawberry Cough 1ml $34.00 $0.00
6 Pack Zkittlez 1ml $34.00 $0.00

Unleash the Power of with our 1ml Delta 8 carts. Every draw propels you into a world of earthy and woody notes, followed by a subtle hint of sweetness. provides energizing effects, robust flavor, and unparalleled quality. Our Delta 8 cartridge is meticulously crafted to provide an experience that’s both potent and well balanced. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a dynamic and uplifting high. Order yours today or find this Delta 8 cart in a shop near you to immerse yourself in the power of this legendary strain.

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Mellow Fellow Delta 8 Cartridge: 1ml Blueberry OG, energizing effects with earthy, woody, and sweet notes. High-quality, balanced high. #Delta8 #MellowFellow
Mellow Fellow Delta 8 Cartridge Sale price$34.00