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Shooter 50ml 100mg (12 Pack)

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Grape $67.50 $0.00
Fireball $67.50 $0.00
Cappuccino $67.50 $0.00
Mojito $67.50 $0.00
PinaColada $67.50 $0.00
Watermelon $67.50 $0.00

Infused beverages are a healthier and discreet option that can be session-able,
as the onset of action is quicker than an edible. Shooters are drinks infused with
hemp extract. Itis a natural progression of innovations in the hemp-infused
drinks. Available in 6 flavors: Grape, Fireball, Cappuccino, Mojito, PinaColada,
and Watermelon. All flavors come in a 50m! bottle with 20mg of hemp extract.

Shooter 50ml 100mg (12 Pack)
Shooter 50ml 100mg (12 Pack) Sale price$67.50